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OpenSpeaks is an award winning project to build Open toolkits—Open Educational Resources, Open Source software, Open Datasets and Methodology—to digitally-document native languages. It was selected by the Online News Association for MJ Bear Fellowship for 2017, is one of the projects of Mozilla Open Leadership Training Cohort C, and is selected for a session at Mozilla Festival 2017 (MozFest), London.

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Kathabhidhana is an an open toolkit to record a large number of words. It consists of a few free/libre and open source software, open datasets, methodologies and documentations. It can be used to record pronunciations of words to make a talking dictionary to record phonemes to create a text-to-speech software.

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Lekatha is a text-to-speech (TTS) project which is in its infancy at the moment. The word lekatha does not mean anything but it is constructed from two Odia-language words ଲେଖା (lekha, meaning text) and କଥା (katha, meaning voice) which refers to constructed voice from text by using a TTS engine.

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