The Internet is changing the way our society is living and breathing. In this fast-paced social change “Openness” is reshaping the way we access knowledge and contribute to the knowledge commons. O Foundation is a nonprofit that advocates and contributes for democratizing the knowledge economy by placing itself in the cusp of language, community and the open web. We collaborate, we learn, and we make.

Join our ongoing campaign #DigitizeHeritage

Imagine a world that speaks just one language, celebrates the same festivals the exact same way, have the same stories and songs floating around.RecordHeritage sticker

The #DigitizeHeritage campaign is to bring consciousness about the less known languages and cultures that are otherwise missing from the mainstream narratives, digitally-document them, and upload them on Wikimedia Commons, the sister project of Wikipedia and home to millions of media files that can be shared and reused. READ MORE…