O Foundation (OFDN) is amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities using Openness.

The Internet is broken! It was probably intended to be open, universally-accessible and for the public good at large. But, it’s still a representation of neo-colonization as the content and participation of marginalized communities are almost missing—such communities don’t have the same level of access like the others and their security is at a stake.We believe that knowledge equity should start with empowering communities.(more..)

We aim to

Research & BUILD Open Resources

Identify “knowledge gaps” on the Internet & co-create resources (Open Source tools, OER, Open data)

empower communities

Train community leaders using open  resources so that they train the whole community

develop community Media

Train communities develop independent media and grow content about their own people.

  • Initiatives

OpenSpeaks is our multimedia open resource toolkit for language documentation. (more)

Pothi is a multimedia resource project for documenting intangible cultural heritage like performance arts. (more)

  • vital technical infrastructure

We’re working with some of the underrepresented communities to co-create open resources (Open Source tools and related Open Educational Resources and open data).

This project is aimed at creating resources for the Santali-language including an ASCII → Ol chiki converter.

  • Sitemap

Note: We’re currently fixing some of the accessibility issues that were identified recently. Please reach out if you find any.