O Foundation (OFDN) is amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities using Openness.

The Internet is broken! It was probably intended to be open, universally-accessible and for the public good at large. But, it’s still a representation of neo-colonization as the content and participation of marginalized communities are almost missing—such communities don’t have the same level of access like the others and their security is at a stake.We believe that knowledge equity should start with empowering communities.


empower communities

Train community leaders using open  resources so that they train the whole community

Research & BUILD Open Resources

Identify “knowledge gaps” on the Internet & co-create resources (Open Source tools, OER, Open data)

develop community Media

Train communities develop independent media and grow content about their own people.


We're building a working group to work towards marginalized issues
World languages in danger 50%

The O Foundation (OFDN) is a nonprofit that works at the intersections of marginalized topics that affect human rights, access to knowledge & education, and media freedom.

Recent media

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“Who Owns The Content” when someone dies with an unpublished recorded content? (WATCH our short film)