OUr focus areas

Research 🔍

Just like the participation of underrepresented communities on the Internet, the information about them is also largely missing on the Internet. A big part of our work is to learn from the native speakers about their challenges and collecting data about the knowledge gaps.

BUILD Open Resources âš™

People are the power! We work closely with communities, engage with them through consensus, to co-create open resources (Open Source tools, Open Educational Resources, Open data) after identifying the areas need the most attention and intervention.

Community Capacity building đź‘Ą

Based on our assessment of a community’s need, we provide trainings using open curriculum design, open methodologies and other open resources.

Media development 🎥

Media development is a key part of our work which cuts across all our activities. We also have been developing  toolkit (see OpenSpeaks, our indigenous language toolkit) for remote trainings.

  • Initiatives

OpenSpeaks is our multimedia open resource toolkit for language documentation. (more)

Pothi is a multimedia resource project for documenting intangible cultural heritage like performance arts. (more)

  • vital technical infrastructure

We’re working with some of the underrepresented communities to co-create open resources (Open Source tools and related Open Educational Resources and open data).

This project is aimed at creating resources for the Santali-language including an ASCII → Ol chiki converter.

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