Our focus areas

Research 🔍

Just like the participation of underrepresented communities on the Internet, the information about them is also largely missing on the Internet. A big part of our work is to learn from the native speakers about their challenges and collecting data about the knowledge gaps.

BUILD Open Resources âš™

People are the power! We work closely with communities, engage with them through consensus, to co-create open resources (Open Source tools, Open Educational Resources, Open data) after identifying the areas need the most attention and intervention.

Community Capacity building đź‘Ą

Based on our assessment of a community’s need, we provide trainings using open curriculum design, open methodologies and other open resources.

Media development 🎥

Media development is a key part of our work which cuts across all our activities. We also have been developing  toolkit (see OpenSpeaks, our indigenous language toolkit) for remote trainings.

OpenSpeaks is our multimedia open resource toolkit for language documentation. (more)

Pothi is a multimedia resource project for documenting intangible cultural heritage like performance arts. (more)

We’re working with some of the underrepresented communities to co-create open resources (Open Source tools and related Open Educational Resources and open data).

This project is aimed at creating resources for the Santali-language including an ASCII → Ol chiki converter.