Core values

O Foundation’s works are around four core areas:

  1. People/community: People are always in the core of any movement. So building community is one of our primary focuses.
  2. Openness: Openness is what that makes our society more diverse and balanced. We strive to adhere openness in all levels—from releasing our software in open standards, to bringing Open Access to our documentations, to publish our datasets as Open Data. Openness is not an option for, it is what we stand for.
  3. Native languages: The Internet is English-centric and biased. That inherent bias affects us too. We do not and cannot run away from that. Rather our goal is to grow other native-language resources to balance that bias.
  4. STEM: Four disciplines—Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics—that are collectively known as STEM are our other primary focus areas. For us, the open Internet is something that binds us to these areas.

Here is how we move towards bringing our values into a reality:

  1. Anthropological, social and linguistic research focused on, but not limited to India
  2. Innovation, development and aggregation of educational resources for the growth of languages, cultures, and societies — with a focus on but not limited to the Odia language and Odisha
  3. Development of conventional and digital multimedia including digital preservation, restoration and documentation of literary and cultural heritage
  4. Activism for the open web, digital security, privacy, and other socio-technological causes tied to the Internet
  5. Outreach, promotional, and educational activities, and publications related to the core values of the organizations
  6. Collaboration with the government, educational institutes, Non Government Organizations, private organizations, individuals and other stakeholders for accomplishing the aforementioned goal
  7. The Organization will adhere to the philosophy of Openness and Transparency, and will strive towards publishing its work and methodologies under open standards
  8. To promote diversity and inclusion in Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM)