This is an archived project and is kept here for historical purposes. Last updated on July 29, 2021.

Marginalized Community Council is an online working group that is working towards addressing vital marginalized issues—of societies, cultures, and languages.

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Hosted at O Foundation (OFDN), the group meets online on a regular basis. Discussion summaries are documented and are published to help guide key stakeholders to make informed decision.

The members are selected on a periodic basis based on an open call and the first meeting was conducted on Aug. 9, 2019 to celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

Focus areas


Aug 9, 2019

Meeting notes

First meeting of the MCC members whether

Sep 7, 2019

Meet our members

Moroccan Arabic, French, English, Spanish, Swedish, Berber

Anass Sedrati 🇲🇦

Representative of Wikimedia Morocco, Morocco, and interested for documentation of Berber language

Santali, Hindi, Odia

Suruchi Soren 🇮🇳

Designer with interest in indigenous literature, history and knowledge

Karbi, Assamese, Hindi, English

Dharamsing Teron 🇮🇳

Representative of Centre for Karbi Studies, Works for empowerment of marginalized indigenous people in protecting and promoting their culture, language and history.

Eastern Tharu, Nepalese

Sanjib Chaudhary🇳🇵

Working on reviving and revitalizing Eastern Tharu languages, digital activism in marginalized languages

Assamese, Bengali

Abhinash Das🇮🇳

Digital activist working for preservation and protect ofion endangered languages

Kusunda, Tharu

Uday Raj Aaley 🇳🇵

Independent researcher working for Kusunda, a language isolate and almost extinct language fro; Author of 2017 book ‘Kusunda Tribe and Dictionary’; Currently on a mission to teach Kusunda children for revitalizing the language

Mundari, Kharia, Sadri

Dr. Walter Beck 🇮🇳

Expertise with over eight years in Socio-Cultural Anthropology and Tribal Customary Law of Jharkhand, India; Interfaces with indigenous communities and government officials; Interested in preservation of intangible cultural heritage of marginalized Communities

Nepali, Kusunda, Hindi

Shishir Kandel 🇳🇵

Interested in growing Kusunda language resources and outreach

Mundari, Sadri

Dr. Subasi Barla 🇮🇳

Socio-Cultural Anthropologist working for 14 years, currently District Resource Person among marginalized communities—focuses on communities that are geographically isolated in the dense forest of Latehar, Jharkhand, India; Works for highlighting languages, cultures, education, economy and other issues of such communities

Tharu, Nepalese

Indu Chaudhary 🇳🇵

Activist in indigenous movement initiatives—Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) and Tharu Writer Association. Currently a central committee member of Tharu Welfare Assembly and Tharu Journalist Association; Authors on relevant issues in newspapers and online news portals; Researched and authored a book ‘Muktik Dagar’.

Ho, Hindi

Mangu Purty 🇮🇳

Native speaker of Ho language— active on bringing digital platform, building the Ho Wikipedia, and other digital resources including fonts and input methods, and contributor community

Mundari, Birhor, Ho

Dr. Bikram Jora 🇮🇳

Researcher at Living Tongue Institute for Endangered Languages; working on digitizing indigenous languages spoken in Jharkhand, India—added lexical items, mobile applications in pipeline.

Dotyali, Darchuleli, Baitadeli, Dadeldhuri and Nepali

Janak Raj Bhatta 🇳🇵

Native speaker of Doteli and active contributor to Doteli-language Wikipedia; works on  language and dialect preservation; linguistic heritage and the lives of native speakers

Our other initiatives

Marginalized language resources
Intangible cultural heritage documentation
Language Open Educational Resources


Technical resources

Please reach out to us to share relevant resources that you'd like to contribute or report about anything missing, and we’ll be happy to join hands!