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  • Kathabhidhana“. Outliers. 1 March 2018
    [..]Kathabhidhana is an open toolkit to record a large number of words. It consists of a few free/libre and open source software, open datasets, methodologies and documentations. It can be used to record pronunciations of words to create dictionary along with pronunciations, and also phonemes to create a text-to-speech software.[..]
  • Rajpal, Seema. “Odisha’s Prateek Pattanaik is using technology to preserve Odisha’s dying art forms“. EdexLive, New Indian Express.  23 April 2018
    [..]By undertaking arduous journeys to the very depths of districts, Pattanaik has been documenting fading art forms through videos and giving them both Odia and English subtitles[..]
  • Ambaly, Anwesha. “Docu on art director’s life“. Telegraph. Feb 08, 2018
    [..]The 15-minute-long documentary sheds light on Basu’s life and journey as a student of fine arts in the 1950s, how he became a painter and illustrator for hundreds of book covers, how he led production designing in the Odia film industry and directing plays.[..]

About the author(s)

Subhashish Panigrahi is one of the founding members of O Foundation, and founded OpenSpeaks which won him the MJ Bear Fellowship and a grant from National Geographic to digitally-document threatened languages.

As an educator and community manager he has led many research, campus, and community outreach and catalyst activities across Asia Pacific at Internet Society, Mozilla, Centre for Internet and Society, and Wikimedia Foundation.

Winner of the 2015 People’s Choice Award, and awarded as "Wikimedia Advocate and Expert" by in 2016. Speaker at TEDx and many international Open Source/knowledge conferences across 11 countries. Author of "Rising Voices: Digital Language Activism" “Digital Activism in Asia Reader”, and a few hundred posts on major global blogs.