Media mentions

Publication of our work in blogs, television, newspapers, and other media.


  • Kathabhidhana“. Outliers. 1 March 2018
    [..]Kathabhidhana is an open toolkit to record a large number of words. It consists of a few free/libre and open source software, open datasets, methodologies and documentations. It can be used to record pronunciations of words to create dictionary along with pronunciations, and also phonemes to create a text-to-speech software.[..]
  • Rajpal, Seema. “Odisha’s Prateek Pattanaik is using technology to preserve Odisha’s dying art forms“. EdexLive, New Indian Express.  23 April 2018
    [..]By undertaking arduous journeys to the very depths of districts, Pattanaik has been documenting fading art forms through videos and giving them both Odia and English subtitles[..]
  • Ambaly, Anwesha. “Docu on art director’s life“. Telegraph. Feb 08, 2018
    [..]The 15-minute-long documentary sheds light on Basu’s life and journey as a student of fine arts in the 1950s, how he became a painter and illustrator for hundreds of book covers, how he led production designing in the Odia film industry and directing plays.[..]