Earth Defenders Toolkit poster

Earth Defenders Toolkit poster (fair use, Digital Democracy)

Digital Democracy has recently launched a new resource — Earth Defenders Toolkit and the launch party is happening today at 08:30 PM India time (03:00 PM UTC). Register here to join.

The toolkit is full of many openly-licensed resources that earth defender communities around the world already are using for their work. Digital Democracy is known for its work in using technology to defend indigenous rights in South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia over the past decade.

In their own words Digital Democracy says,

with Earth Defenders Toolkit, we are creating a collaborative space for earth defender communities and their allies to learn about, share, and discuss approaches to using technology that acknowledge that the technology is only one component in a broader process”.

The first version (1.0) of the Earth Defenders Toolkit included many useful resources including a community forum and gallery, illustrated case studies, an interactive toolfinder and featured tools. One can use the Interactive Toolfinder to identify the specific resources that can be useful based on their own access to different hardware such as smartphones or drones, and their need and purposes.