Thank you Anasuya Sengupta and Shuttleworth Foundation!

Grants are quite essentials for the growth of nonprofit organizations as well as individuals who work to create open source tools and contribute towards Openness. I was honored to have received recently a Shuttleworth Foundation flash grant from Shuttleworth fellow Anasuya Sengupta. Under the scope of this grant, I am planning to build a few tools for some of the indigenous languages of India that will help grow the online presence of those languages.

Currently, I am in the early stage of the project, and some of the ideas I am toying with my team at O Foundation (OFDN) are are — creating IPA converters, and translation and input tools. More details on the tools to follow soon.

A large part OFDN’s work is to use technology in growing online readership and contribution in endangered and other marginalized languages. This grant opportunity will help us build more open resources.

I would like to thanks Anasuya, the Whose Knowledge? team, and Jason Hudson and other friends from Shuttleworth for this great support.

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I am a Web Developer and Consultant, Volunteer, Language & Culture Enthusiastic and Open Source Advocate.

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