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  • Kathabhidhana“. Outliers. 1 March 2018
    [..]Kathabhidhana is an open toolkit to record a large number of words. It consists of a few free/libre and open

Kole Basava

Kole Basavas (Kannada: ಕೋಲೆ ಬಸವ) are ceremonial bulls that are used for street performance led by one–two folk musicians. The musicians generally play a double-reed aerophone called nādasvaraṁ, and perform skits. As part of the skit, the musician …


Pothi, in the Odia language, and many other languages stand for published text. Pothi is our archive of audio-visual documentations of cultural devices—from performing arts, to musical instruments, to many more. All the audio-visual resources are openly-licensed, and many …

Projects and research



OpenSpeaks is an award winning project to build Open toolkits—Open Educational Resources, Open Source software, Open Datasets and Methodology—to digitally-document native languages. It was selected by the Online News Association for MJ Bear Fellowship for 2017, is one of …

Knowledge partners and advisors

The community that advocates for and contributes towards Openness is a really tiny community even though it is spreading across the entire world. As we speak of it now in 2017, there are only a handful of people that are …

Diversity and inclusion

Our society in general has been historically patriarchal. The internet is skewed the way the information is created and shared. It is also quite English-centric. Bringing a balance of content and participation is one of our major focus areas. We …

Core values

O Foundation’s works are around four core areas:

  1. People/community: People are always in the core of any movement. So building community is one of our primary focuses.
  2. Openness: Openness is what that makes our society more diverse and balanced. We