Subhashish Panigrahi and Prateek Pattanaik from O Foundation conducted a session at the Mozilla Festival Conference 2017.

[ Download the presentation as a PDF ]

What happened in the session?

As half of the world’s native languages are dying, a vast majority of the native language speakers do not get to access information or contribute to the knowledge commons in their own languages. This largely affect the digital inclusion equilibrium. There is an urgent need to digitally-document certain aspects of a language. This session will include demonstration of Open Educational Resources, Open Source software, and Open Datasets that are currently being developed to specifically document endangered/marginalized languages, create open multimedia archives, digital tools like spoken dictionary, text-to-speech and lead to brainstorming on the topics related to digital inclusion using open innovation and web literacy.

Goals and outcomes

This session provided a detailed understanding on:

  • what diversity and inclusion gaps currently exist for many marginalized language speakers when it comes to access to knowledge and contribution to the knowledge commons in their native languages; and how they impact on the open knowledge economy
  • a foundation-level knowledge and open toolkits (Open Educational Resources, Open Source software, Open Datasets and methodology) on how to build multimedia libraries
  • Sharing about ways to build digital-accessibility solutions like text-to-speech and speech-to-text from the multimedia-libraries
  • Brainstorming to grow a community to develop aforementioned multilingual resources