Open Data Day is in town! Every year, data enthusiasts—who advocate and contribute towards making useful data openly accessible—gather for a day to brainstorm and conduct hands on activities to grow more Openness around data. We have been working on a few open projects since our inception, and are releasing all our data under open licenses. Though our network is growing bigger and bigger globally, we are planning to celebrate the Open Data Day 2018 along with many other friends and colleagues in Bhubaneswar—in the Indian state of Odisha—where we are based in.

For this year, which will mark our first ever Open Data Day celebration as an organization, we are planning to do four major activities (check out the resources that might be useful too):

  1. Organize an offline meetup to bring together students, academics, developers, and other professionals to brainstorm how Open Data can be useful in their work and life, and how they can contribute
  2. A Wikidata editathon to grow Wikidata entries related to some of the regional topics
  3. A collective release of several existing metadata of our own work so far from projects like OpenSpeaks, Kathabhidhana, and Pothi under a CC0 1.0 license
  4. Beginning of a mapping project to study the state of marginalized languages so that technologists, scholars and language archivists across the world can make meaningful contributions to help preserve threatened languages

We are still working on the final date and venue, but the tentative date is March 3, 2018, and we’ll be mostly meeting somewhere in Bhubaneswar. And when we finalize, we will open the RSVP link for you to register. Stay tuned!